Jobson Figueiredo was born in Barreiros in 1948 and live his childhood and youth in Garanhuns. He study at Diocesano College, wrote in local jornal “O Monitor”, was president of cultural clubs and was a host of a radio show called “A Voz Acadêmica” at Jornal do Commercio radio. In 1963, at Leaders Workers School, he attended the course and training of Student Leaders and in 1964 was the speaker of the Diocesano College of Garanhuns. Still young, in 1965, moved to Recife to complete their secondary education. During the brazilian dictatorship, he wrote for newspapers and had a jornal column about art.

 As an active campaigner, held in 1968, a simulated jury of Ernesto Che Guevara, months later, the government decrees the Institutional Act Number 5 (AI-5). He was arrested, had burned works and was persecuted. Time passed, but still got the mark of a committed work and strong behavior. He was president several times of the the AAPP - Association of Professionals Plastic Artists of Pernambuco and fought for the law of artwork in public spaces (Law suggested by mester Abelardo da Hora for the city of Recife). This law was included in the Constitution of the State of Pernambuco. Jobson was elected Vice-President of the Culture Law of the State of Pernambuco, wich participated in the drafting. 

Multiple artist, worked with sales, advertising, visual programming and opened his own workshop. He worked with various materials: clay, wood, polyester resin and fiberglass, went through painting in oil paintings and acrylic, drawing, photography, made xilo and lithographs, dominated the bronze casting technique of lost wax, making his own sculptures and for other artists. He made big restorations, projects and cultural events, national and international exhibitions and publish books. 

This experience with several media, earned him the maturity to his great career as an artist. Also are this people that works with Jobson Figueiredo: Severino Gomes dos Santos - responsible for the technical part of the workshops and casting; Pablo Colares - Architect and sculptor and Igor Colares – graphic designer.

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