• Helm of Zeppelin.
  • Jobson Figueiredo among the visitors.
  • Miniature of the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin.
  • Child looking at items.
  • Original Hindenburg porcelains.
  • Stereoscope with Zeppelin picture card.
  • Jobson making an explanation.
  • Postage stamps from dozens of countries about Zeppelin.
  • Picture of Carl Bruer, local vessel called "jangada".
  • Old metal compass.
  • Brazilian correspondence honors the Hangar in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Original book by Carl Bruer on display.
  • Book cover detail.
  • [Production] Edson Barbosa works in the montage of the exhibition.
  • [Production] Preparations the day before the release.
  • [Production] Exhibition installation.

Zeppelin: Recife - Rio

In 2017, Recife received another exhibition with Zeppelin as protagonist. The exhibition by Jobson Figueiredo, at the City Museum of Recife, featured unprecedented and extraordinary material. Physically, it had one side with panels about the airship in Rio de Janeiro and the other about the airship in Recife; on the other walls, the presentation of the exhibition and the display of a video. In the center of the room, five exhibitors with original and rare items from the Jobson Figueiredo collection. The exhibits drew a lot of attention from visitors who could see Hindenburg's original porcelains (the most luxurious of dirigibles), period mail, a helmet, medals, stamps, postcards, books and more. A true journey through the material dimension of that period.

In addition to the exhibition, the event had the launch of three books. The biggest highlight is the book "With the airship 'Graf Zeppelin' for Pernambuco", first released in Portuguese, whose rights were kindly provided by Frost Publishing. Written by the German Carl Bruer, the book is the diary of the author on his trip aboard the Zeppelin to Pernambuco. After arriving in the city, he still toured Recife and Olinda. Written with plenty of life and details, the book has photographs and illustrations by the author himself. For the Recifeans, it is a gift and show of the daily life of the city in the 1930s, for the other readers, a fantastic trip for the beginning of aviation.

To buy the book, click here.

The second book was "In the sky of Rio: historical record of Zeppelin in Rio de Janeiro" written by Jobson Figueiredo, Igor Colares and Helton Cezário showing the passage through the then federal capital of Brazil. The third book released was the second edition of the hit "Zeppelin in Recife," which won a larger format, two new images and a new text written by Sylk Schneider that describes some of his discoveries about Zeppelin in the capital of Pernambuco.

To watch the video of the event, click here.

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