• Jobson Figueiredo working on modeling the Sea Serpent.
  • Models still in mass and clay at Poço da Panela atelier.
  • Detail of the tongue being worked.
  • Severino Gomes and Jobson Figueiredo working on the tail.
  • Snake eye being worked on.
  • Master Francisco Brennand at his workshop, in Várzea, talking to Jobson Figueiredo.
  • Sea Serpent, located on the Brennand Manufactory, which served as inspiration for the new snake in bronze.
  • Template and shapes for the casting process.
  • Separated mold parts.
  • One of the piece parts, ready to go in the oven.
  • Module being placed in the oven.
  • Workers preparing another module for casting.
  • Severino Gomes commanding the placement of the pieces.
  • Transposition of the pieces that came out of the oven.
  • Forms being buried for the next stage of casting.
  • Metals being melted.
  • Heat near 1470°F at this moment inside.
  • Filtering materials.
  • Melted bronze being placed in forms.
  • The molten bronze is entering and occupying the spaces within the form.
  • Greenish smoke is seen during the process.
  • Bronze piece after disinterred.
  • Removal of form and revelation of the piece in the raw state.
  • Wash newly cast bronze.
  • Start of bronze piece finishing.
  • Welding in bronze piece.
  • Finishing the head, as in bronze serpent.
  • Bronze tail receiving solder.
  • Sea Serpent bronze module being transported.
  • Bronze artwork completed at Atelier Jobson Figueiredo.
  • Completed bronze piece before being taken to the Sculpture Park.


One artwork pervaded the imagination of Francisco Brennand to the Sculpture Park, but it had not yet been made. In 2015, the master Francisco presents the city of Recife with another artwork. A Sea Serpent, made in bronze, by Jobson Figueiredo, approximately 22 meters long will be included among the sculptures of the jetty. Meandering the stones in undulating movements, the new piece looks like go in and out of the ground in a continuous motion.

The gallery on this page records some of the work that was to produce this piece. This piece was part of the project of restoration of the sculpture park, which can be checked by clicking here.

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