Give value to railings, stained glass, gates, staircases, sculptures, bridges and monuments is more than take care of things, it is take care of people’s memory. Each element, be it religious, artistic or political must have appropriate working techniques to do not interfere in its core. The role of restoration in society is undoubtedly of utmost importance. 

The historic restorations performed by Atelier Jobson Figueiredo includes important landmarks of Pernambuco culture. Great Works such as Pernambuco Government Palace, the Maurício de Nassau Bridge, the Boa Vista Bridge; or smaller physique of work, but with great symbolic value as Our Lady of the Conception Hill or Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue can be checked in the sections below.

The Scorer

sculpture park

Zeppelin Tower

Chesf Stained Glass - Brennnad

Chesf Stained Glass - Ferrerinha

Government's palace

State Museum railings


Our Lady

barons of Mecejana

The Brum Station

Boa Vista Bridge

carmo railings

Mauricio de nassau Bridge


Santo Amaro christ

S. Amaro Cemitery railings

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