• Sculpture Park during the restoration.
  • Meeting between Francisco Brennand and Jobson Figueiredo about the restoration process.
  • Insulation parts.
  • Protected ceramics during the process.
  • Bottom view of the Coluna de Cristal surrounded by scaffolding.
  • Workers around the Coluna de Cristal.
  • Verification of parts in bronze.
  • Correction in the ceramic base of the Coluna de Cristal.
  • Posters in the centerpiece of the Sculpture Park.
  • Production of metal parts for sculptures protection.
  • Metal structure placed on rainy day in Recife.
  • Protection of ceramic siren.
  • Protection of bases.
  • Sirens during protection.
  • Sculpture Park during restoration.
  • Jobson Figueiredo's survey.
  • Large entrance portal on the pier being restored.
  • Working on ceramics replacement.
  • Working on ceramics replacement.
  • Restoration on the ceramic.
  • Metal structure to support workers over the sea.
  • Restoration of bollards near the pier.
  • Equipment. transport.
  • Work in bronze parts.
  • Equipment. transport.
  • Jobson Figueiredo walking through jetty during restoration work.

sculpture park

Between 2014 and 2015, Jobson Figueiredo held the second restoration (the first was made in 2008) of Francisco Brennand Sculpture Park, located at the jetty in front of the Marco Zero, Recife. The park has dozens of bronze sculptures, numerous sculptures in ceramic, coated ceramic towers and the Coluna de Cristal (Crystal Column), as the center of attention. All parts have been properly restored obeying the specific techniques for each material, a lot of ceramic had to be replaced because the salt, sun and wind in this region punish Brennand pieces like nowhere else.

In the image gallery above you can see a bit of the great work done for months. In addition to restoring the entire park, also made part of this contract the production of a new piece of art, the Serpente Marinha (Sea Serpent), with more than 20 meters long to be inaugurated. You can see the part of the casting process by clicking here.

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