• "The Great Forest" (detail)
  • "The Great Forest" (in homage to Marx Ernst) - oil on canvas and bronze, 85 x 75cm.
  • The Dance (in homage to Matisse) - bronze, 25 x 66 x 50cm.
  • Thr Supplicant (in homage to Camile Claudel) - bronze, 25,5 x 10 x 11cm.
  • Torso (in homage to Camile Claudel) - bronze, 23 x 10 x 10cm.
  • The Valse (in homage to Camile Claudel) - bronze, 25,5 x 15 x 10cm.
  • Boating on the River Epte (in homage to Monet) - bronze and mirror, 11 x 45 x 25cm.

Tribute to the Great Masters

The series "Tribute to the Great Masters" is a set where Jobson Figueiredo has the honor to visit the work of several artists and pay their respects. For Camile Claudel, there are three: "Torso", "The Valse" and "The Supplicant"; all in bronze. For Henri Matisse was created "The Dance"; made in bronze, the movement created by Matisse is revisited with volumetry in the world of three dimensions. For Marx Ernst, Jobson made "The Great Forest"; a painting that presents, in the foreground, sculptural elements in bronze. For Claude Monet, "Boating on the River Epte", a work made in bronze with mirrors, whose reflections influence the aesthetics of the sculpture depending on its location. For Salvador DalĂ­, "Corpus Hypercubus", sculpture in resin with the crucifixion of Jesus.

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